Where there’s hope there’s life

So I have a confession to make…spoiler alert…I’m a Christian! I wonder if you guessed from the title of my blog, Footsteps to the Father. And what’s more, I’m married to a Vicar, I know, I lucked out there! His name is Smith, Carl Smith and he has a licence to preach. Cheesy I know but he’ll appreciate the Bond reference!

So there it is, I’m a Christian with a Vicar husband who is also a Christian, thankfully otherwise that would make his job slightly tricky, and we are trying to raise Christian kids without brain washing them. But don’t worry, I’m not going to bash you over the head with my Bible, pretty sure I’ve never hit anyone with a Bible despite what people thought during secondary school.

Anyway, I think I got off track.

I wanted to share with you a very personal picture that a special lady painted for me about 3 years ago. There have been times when life has been very dark for me and I wonder if part of the reason life seems so dark is because we physically and mentally look down, this picture reminds me to look up to where the light comes from. Instead of being in the pit and feeling there is no way out it calls me to lift my head up and to see there is light beyond the darkness.


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