Let the devil know not today!

Last Sunday I came away from the Hillsong Colour conference in a difference place to where I was when I arrived on the Thursday.

Praise God!

Thursday I arrived with no agenda for God, I didn’t have a list of problems I wanted him to address (I mean there were a whole lot of issues but I didn’t come presenting them to God as his ‘to-do’ list). I simply came expectant. I say simply but actually I think it’s quite brave to approach God and say “I’m open, I’m willing, over to you, do what you want”.

I arrived open but I also arrived broken.

We talk about how we are body, soul and spirit but I had so neglected my spirit that it was shrivelling up…it was dying.

I had separated the parts of me out, body…soul…spirit and each part was broken. And I had fooled myself that if I could get one area ‘right’ then the others would be ‘right’ too. WRONG!

We were not made to separate ourselves out, we were made to be integrated with ourselves and I most definitely was not!

But thankfully Jesus stepped down into my mess and is beginning a restoration! Hallelujah!

So I came home Sunday with God’s truth both in my head AND my heart. Before it was separate, it was head knowledge which was not permeating into the rest of my being. But last weekend was like my whole being was watered and gently, lovingly, brought back to like.

I came home with truth! I came home with freshly toiled soil that God could plant into, but I also came home with a lie trying to sneak right up in there!

Over the weekend I had listened to incredible speakers, I mean like A..MA..ZING!! Speakers with such contagious passion for Jesus, with such heart to see people come to know Jesus. Speakers who do amazing things all over the world; relief aid, building schools, speakers who daily put their lives in danger as they serve and follow God. And the lie?

You are not truly serving God! Look at those phenomenal people, these true servants of God. What are you doing? Toddler group? phaha! Pathetic!

And while I came home with fresh truth I also came home a little deflated.

But only for a moment!!

At the conference we were given stickers (I love stickers!) and one of them said Boots on the Ground.

At the time I thought “nice sticker but what’s that mean?”

When that lie tried to creep in I saw it more clearly! WE are God’s boots on the ground. All of us! And God calls some to share his message around the globe. But he has given them the gifts by which to do that!

At this moment God hasn’t called me to preach around the world, thank you God, he hasn’t called or equipped me to do that.

But, he has asked me to invest in the lives of the people he has placed around me, in the lives of my local community. And that has just as much significance to God, otherwise he wouldn’t ask me to do it. So I hold tight to the truth God has spoken and in holding that I silence the liar!

I’ll sing the night into the morning

I’ll sing the fear into your praise

I’ll sing my soul into your presence

Whenever I say your Name

Let the devil know not today

What is God calling you to that the enemy is trying to get you to believe is unimportant?

The devil doesn’t need to destroy us, he just needs to distract us!

Let the devil know not today!

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