I am no gardener

While the sun was shining yesterday afternoon, and the kids were playing happily out the front of our home, I took the opportunity to have a little go at some gardening.

Now I am rubbish at gardening, I have no clue! Is it a weed is it a ‘wild’ flower, should I cut it/prune it now or wait? Don’t ask me because I don’t know.

But I know what a bramble looks like and out the front of our house (and back for that matter) they are getting out of control. So on went my nice new gardening gloves, which promised me they would protect me from brambles (big fat lie), out came the gardening sack and I got to work.

Now the thing I discovered about brambles is that they are not just the bit you see sticking out from your flowers or winding prettily around your fence. Those sneaky little brambles have whopper roots the snake and weave all over your garden. They go all through your pretty, tidy flower bed and you can’t even see them.

Remind you of anything?

The analogy of brambles certainly resonated with me and my life. How many times have I thought I’ve cut something off but in reality I’ve only cut off the bit I can see, I haven’t hacked out the root. How many lies have come my way that I have simply pruned back rather taking out the root completely.

And what happens if you just prune a bramble? Like any weed it just keeps growing back.

It’s hard work removing a root. Carl had to do it last year with a actual bush/tree thing in our garden, it took him weeks but he hacked and sawed at it and when he needed the help from others (who knew more about gardening than he did, he asked for it!). Together they made sure that root was dealt with properly.

Sometimes we think we know what we’re doing and so we go it alone, why would we need to ‘bother’ God with something we can sort out ourselves? But think of the time and pain we could save ourselves if we just asked for help and guidance!

Luckily for me, I know the best gardener and he is patient and gentle and he loves us to much to leave us with our overgrown brambles. If I give him the room to do so he gets right to the root and he removes it for me. Can I give you his card?