Be on your guard!

Do you ever have those times when you’ve been somewhere and God has done amazing things in your life.

You’ve been in Church or a prayer group, home group or weekend away. You’ve had the space and time to accept God’s invitation to come closer to Him. You’ve experienced freedom in worship and heard God whisper directly to you during a talk/sermon/preach (whatever you want to call it).

I had that this weekend. I went to the Hillsong Colour Conference and it was such a special precious time. I love it.

I heard a talk a few months back which said we need those big extravagant experiences as well as the kindling moments. You know, the daily disciplines of prayer, Bible Reading, worship and listening to God.

This weekend I was able to block out all distractions and fix my eyes on Jesus. I was reminded of the importance of anchoring myself in God and not allowing myself to drift. To keep looking up to check my markers ‘am I still on track or have a gone off course?’. I heard God telling me not to quit before He’s has answered my prayer, to not believe that God has failed me just because I gave up too soon. Catrina Henderson pained the beautiful image of how feeling like we are in the wilderness can actually mean that we are in the ‘word place’ and that being in the wilderness can be the place God speaks to us most profoundly. Cass Langton reminded me that God takes our empty and our ordinary and He does extraordinary things with them.

Erwin McManus made me aware of the fact that we are in a battle for peace, the world longs for something it has never know…peace, and, in the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be the ones to bring that peace.

I often believe that I don’t ‘do’ or ‘bring’ enough to God but my limitation is nothing compared to what God can do in my life if I just offer it up to him. Faith doesn’t make you immune to feeling like a failure and feeling like a failure doesn’t make your faith insincere, it just makes you human! (Erwin McManus)

So I had this wonderful weekend where I felt I realigned myself before God, I got back on track, I gave him my negative thoughts and behaviours because remember, I made that choice to get off my mat!

And then I came home…

And since being home, one of my darling children has been erupting everywhere, boiling over and lashing out at everyone. I managed to get them into their bedroom to take a moment to calm down, on the way they’d told me that I ruin everything, that I’m horrible and they hate themselves. As my heart begins to break for them and me, I took a moment in my bedroom.

God…I just got home, so thankfully I can see with a bit more clarity what the devil is trying to do. He’s trying to break the connection you and I got back on track the past few days, there’s no way that’s happening so I need your protection, your peace and your grace over all that’s going on, I need you to cover us

And God did that for me, I didn’t shoot and lose my cool, I didn’t punish, I stepped back and allowed space. One of the verses given this weekend was Hebrews 2:1 “We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away“. That just summed this morning up. Lindsay, pay attention to what you’ve heard this weekend, otherwise you’ll drift away.

If you put your anchor down it’s not a sure this it will stay put, you need to take responsibility to check it’s still where you anchored it. I’m not going to drift off just because I couldn’t be bothered to check my anchor. Christine Caine said “whatever holds us in place ultimately takes us to our destiny”,

So, what’s holding you in place?

I am again reminded that thanks to Jesus who I am today is not who I will be tomorrow. And neither are you!

Amen xx

2 thoughts on “Be on your guard!

  1. Penny Borkett says:

    As I look forward to imminent retirement in July I am now asking God where now? I am feeling confident that the gifts God has given me that I used in my work will continue to be used but I am not sure how. So I need to continue to trust in him and to seek his call in the next stage of my life. To him be the glory.


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