Books what I’m reading

It turns out that I love books, or maybe more truthfully, I love buying books and then putting them on my bookshelf. I am no fan of the kindle (or other similar products) I love the feel and smell of a book. I love the covers and the “blurb” as my kids call it, I love the sounds of pages turning.

However, It turns out that you cannot absorb the wisdom within their pages if you don’t actually read them, so I am doing just that and getting on with some great books!

Current books on the go are –

I am finding this really interesting and am only a couple of chapters in. I love how she brings science and faith together.

This book is raw and honest, mixing the authors testimony with stories from others walking through great pain and trials.

I thoroughly recommend both books!

Lets encourage the old art of reading a good book. What are you reading?


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