I’m doing ok

I think a lot of my posts tend to come from struggles I’ve either faced or am currently going through, so I thought I’d mix things up a bit and share from what feels like quite a good place.

When we moved just over a month ago I felt really anxious about what faced us, new friendships for the children and us, new routine, new church, a loss of security and ‘the known’, Throw in the old question of ‘how much you share of yourself when you’re the vicar’s wife’ (or Rector’s wife thank you very much 😉) and it felt like a mountain infront of us and if I’m honest I felt panicked, physically sick and like I’d rather just run back to the safety of Burgess Hill.

Yet I have noticed that by just stepping out in very small ways, (trying) to be myself and be honest about who I am, that what I thought was a massive thing has actually been ok (ssshhh, don’t tell anyone) and actually I feel pretty happy where we are. We have been so welcomed by our new church family and people genuinely want to get to know me and us. Our children are happy, we spend more time as a family and I am less cross and grumpy, I hope my children would agree and we dance more.

I think what I’m trying to say is that when we actually face the things that fill us with fear and dread that they are sometimes not as terrifying as we think they are going to be and even more, sometimes we can be surprised by actually enjoying them far more than we could expect.

So I just wanted to give God the honour and publicly be thankful. I’m thankful for how He has gone before us and prepared this place for us, all of us and not just Carl, I’m thankful for the friendships we are all building and for the friendships I still have in Burgess Hill and I’m thankful for our new church family who show us love and kindness. God is good.

2 thoughts on “I’m doing ok

  1. Caroline Kemp says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    I am so glad to read this – that you are settling in well, and managing to stay real, even in a new place. Will was really touched by the personal elements in Carl’s induction service. I have never thanked you for inviting me to follow your blog – I’m not very good at commenting etc, but I feel privileged to read it, and I think you’ve been very brave in choosing to make yourself vulnerable. ‘Real people, real church’ was always our tagline at The Point, and you are demonstrating that!

    So, on a similar theme, I am writing to ask if you would be willing to share something of your experiences over the past year, and what God has been doing in your life, during the Reflections slot at the beginning of our Weekend Getaway at the Oasts in March? Hopefully you remember it? That session is the first time we gather as a group on the Friday, and the idea is to set the tone for the weekend – people sharing honestly about some of the highs and lows of the past year, and where God has been in it all. We don’t have long, so it can only be 5 minutes – but I wondered if you might be willing to talk about the journey of the blog, or of moving, or whatever you feel led to share? I think you would be great! But I also don’t want to pressure you – so feel very free to say no!

    It would be great if you can let me know soon-ish, as we will need to approach someone else if you decide not to do it. (Also, I’m not totally confident that replying to the blog will get through to you safely!)

    Thanks so much, and God bless you. It will be lovely to see you at the weekend!

    Love from Caroline (Kemp) xx


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